First Prenatal Appointment

Today was Mom’s first appointment at the birth center. It was mostly all paperwork although Mom’s blood pressure was a little high. 🙁 The midwife asked Mom to check in with our family doctor to see if he was concerned but when she saw him he said it wasn’t very much higher than Mom’s normal reading. He suggested Mom start testing her blood pressure at home since it could easily get higher before I’m born so Mom updated the registry with this cool blood pressure monitor that has an iPhone app so she can track her progress.

Next Mom went to see a stenographer to have a Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound performed and see if I was looking healthy or not. No signs of Down’s Syndrome here! Mom didn’t really get a good picture of me during that ultrasound because, much like my Dad, I like to dance around all the time but she did get to hear my heartbeat for the first time. 150 – very strong according to the stenographer! Later that night Mom and Dad went to visit with their friend Katrina who is studying to be a stenographer. Katrina and her classmates got to practice their ultrasound skills and they got an awesome shot of my legs and toes!


Third Time’s A Charm?

Or not. While Mom does feel better immediately after each visit, the relief only lasts a few days. The actual pain is getting worse, the amount of time Mom needs to sit in a chair before the pain gets aggravated is getting shorter, and the amount of time Mom needs to recover from aggravating the pain is getting longer. It’s not looking good here.

Mom borrowed a copy of this PH Miracle for Weight Loss book that the doc wants her to read and try. Mom’s going to ask the midwife to look at it when she has her first prenatal appointment next week but Lindsay is familiar with the diet and strongly advises against it. She says it is, by definition, a radical diet change and that is extremely ill-advised for pregnant women. What to do, what to do?

More Window Shopping

Today my cousin Camryn went to help Mom and Dad add more items to my Buy Buy Baby registry. She helped Mom and Dad pick out my ExerSaucer, walker, and a cool sound machine. Then she picked out a bunch of toys she knows I’m going to love.

20121128-110249.jpgWhen Mom and Dad were busy asking questions about high chairs and swings, Cami was having fun taking pictures of Dad.

20121128-110329.jpgAfter lunch, we all went to Crane’s Roost and Mom took a picture of Dad and Cam Cam. I can’t wait until I can run around the park with them! It was a fun day.

D.O. Take Two

Mom and Dad went to see the D.O. again today. Last time the appointment was really early and Mom and Dad had been up late visiting with my Auntie Leanne and cousin Jayne so Dad took a nap in the car while Mom saw the doctor. This time Mom wanted Dad in the room to hear about this miracle diet the doctor had been pushing. Good thing too because no way Mom could have convinced Dad that a medical professional was insisting that Mom could get enough protein by eating a diet consisting of pretty much nothing but vegetables!

But it gets better. Mom was discussing her insurance situation with the doc. (Mom is about to max out on her Long Term Disability which means money will be tight and Mom will only have Dads mediocre insurance instead of the two plans she’d had for the past year.) Mom told the doc she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to keep seeing her after the plan maxes out next week. The doc said she’d heard about a work-at-home opportunity on Sean Hannity’s radio show. She said she hadn’t researched it but it sounded like a great opportunity.

So now this doc is pushing some crazy diet AND Sean Hannity’s money-making schemes. Not a good sign. But at least Mom feels better after every visit.

A New D.O.

Today Mom and Dad met with a neuromuscular skeletal specialist. She didn’t have a diagnosis per se but she did rule out sciatica and found what she believe to be the root cause of the problem, a twisted sacrum. She’s going to have Mom go in once a week for osteopathic manipulations. She hopes the issue will be resolved within a month or two but she wouldn’t address Moms concerns about what extra pregnancy weight will do to the problem. She just said she expects Mom to *loose* weight because she’s going to recommend some miracle diet. Well, at least she has a plan.

A New Experience

Buy Buy Baby is amazing! And the referral policy is even better! If you need to create a registry there, please make sure to tell them we sent you!

Mom and Dad walked in to see what the place was like and employees flocked to them like white on rice! After they looked up the registry Mom had started online, they offered Mom and Dad some bottled water, asked a few more questions, and then offered to have an employee walk through the store answering questions while Mom and Dad check out all the different products. How’s that for service?

We started at the strollers and at one point in time we had three different employees waiting on us! On a Saturday!!! Turns out creating a well-researched registry takes a long time. After about an hour learning about strollers Mom and Dad were ready to go home. They made an appointment to go back in a week and finish the registry.

Cracking the Code for This Mysterious Pain

Mom called the D.O.s that the family doctor recommended. The first one doesn’t see pregnant women and the second one had a two week wait! Mom was reading this awesome blog, Birth Without Fear, and read about the Webster chiropractic technique and the benefits of chiropractic wellness visits. Mom used to see a chiropractor regularly in New York but never found one when she moved to Florida. Mom found a website where she could look for Webster technique certified chiropractors and started calling to find someone that accepted her insurance. Today she had an evaluation and is returning in two days for the chiropractor to offer a treatment plan. Hopefully this will help.