D.O. Take Two

Mom and Dad went to see the D.O. again today. Last time the appointment was really early and Mom and Dad had been up late visiting with my Auntie Leanne and cousin Jayne so Dad took a nap in the car while Mom saw the doctor. This time Mom wanted Dad in the room to hear about this miracle diet the doctor had been pushing. Good thing too because no way Mom could have convinced Dad that a medical professional was insisting that Mom could get enough protein by eating a diet consisting of pretty much nothing but vegetables!

But it gets better. Mom was discussing her insurance situation with the doc. (Mom is about to max out on her Long Term Disability which means money will be tight and Mom will only have Dads mediocre insurance instead of the two plans she’d had for the past year.) Mom told the doc she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to keep seeing her after the plan maxes out next week. The doc said she’d heard about a work-at-home opportunity on Sean Hannity’s radio show. She said she hadn’t researched it but it sounded like a great opportunity.

So now this doc is pushing some crazy diet AND Sean Hannity’s money-making schemes. Not a good sign. But at least Mom feels better after every visit.

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