Goodbye Crazy Doctor Lady

Today the crazy D.O. said a scar on Moms eyebrow might be making her butt hurt. She also kept trying to convince Mom and Dad that they should switch to a raw vegetable diet. She insisted that we’d be getting plenty of protein from the vegetables and that anyone who said you can’t get enough protein from a raw vegetable diet was under-educated! Needless to say, the midwife disagreed!

On the way home when Mom was on the phone with the birth center she asked for the number of the chiropractor they recommended. Thankfully Rivera Family Chiropractic accepts walk-ins and Mom and Dad were able to stop in on their way home. The chiropractor also thought that this stuff about migratory pain from scars was a bunch of nonsense. He can’t take x-rays because that would be harmful for me but he thinks regular chiropractic adjustments will help Mom out. At this point Mom is willing to try anything.

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