One of Mom’s friends is pregnant and they’ve been going to all of their appointments together. Unfortunately they’ve both experienced some pretty bad customer service at the birth center where they started their prenatal care. So today Mom, Dad, and their friend went to tour the Inspiration Family Birth Center in Winter Park.

Granted, it’s not quite as pretty as the previous birth center but that’s not what’s important. Unlike the old place, every single member of the staff at Inspiration is extremely friendly and helpful. Even when they’re busy, they don’t suddenly feel like the people around them are inconveniences. Between an hour long phone call last week and the tour today, they went out of their way to spend a LOT of time with our group and answer an endless stream of questions.

By the end of the tour, Mom and Dad decided to switch birth centers and so did their friend. Fingers crossed that this experience will be better than the last!

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