I’ve been trying to get Mom’s attention for a while now. I keep dancing around, stretching, and kicking. I know Mom can feel me moving sometimes but it’s taken a while for her to be sure she was actually feeling me and not just gas. ;p But Sunday night Mom finally felt me kick! I mean an actual kick! First she felt it, then she looked down in time to actually see a little ripple on the side of her tummy as I kicked again, and then she got her hand there just in time to feel a third kick! Man, I’d been working so hard to get her attention that I was exhausted and the show was over for the night.

Just a few minutes ago Mom woke up, as she does a few times a night, and felt me kicking again! She was tempted to wake Dad so he could feel it too but she didn’t want to wake him. All of a sudden one of the cats tried to crawl on Dad and woke him up. He got out of bed, ushered all the cats out, and closed the door. Mom was so excited that she could share this with Dad. He put his hand on her tummy and I kicked a few times to make sure he could get in on the action.

Another milestone down. 😀

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