Getting Concerned

You may recall that Mom was diagnosed with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction back in November. Mom has been receiving treatment at Rivera Family Chiropractic and it helps to relieve some of the pain temporarily but, between appointments, the pain is getting worse and worse. The likelihood of permanent damage is supposed to be quite low, however, the look on the chiropractors face when Mom mentioned a new symptom was cause for concern.

A while ago Mom noticed that her Pubis Symphysis joint would actually pop, like when you crack your knuckles, but not from anything she was doing intentionally. It could be a slight movement, or the stretch of her arm, or even a tiny sneeze – all kinds of small things were causing this little pop to happen but it only happens when Mom is in bed. At first it was just a couple of times a week but, for a while now, it’s been happening at least once a night. Lately it’s been happening with more frequency and a bigger pop. So much so that every time it happens Mom is fearful that this will be the time that she finds herself paralyzed. So at her appointment this afternoon, Mom described this to her chiropractor and the look on the chiropractors face really scared Mom.

The chiropractor said that she really wished she could X-ray Mom to see what the symphysis was looking like but she was sure the midwife would never go for it because she may need to put Mom on bedrest soon if the SPD keeps progressing. She also agreed that Mom should ask the midwife for a prescription for a mobility scooter.

Honestly, this is starting to get a little scary.

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