Bedrest Baby

Welp, Mom is officially on bedrest. The doctor said the only thing that will help her is delivering me and right now time is her enemy. He offered amnio in 2.5 weeks to see if my lungs are mature enough to induce and deliver right then (at 37 weeks). Mom and Dad said absolutely not and he said he hopes Mom goes into labor a little early on her own then. :/

He also recommended a cesarean or at least an epidural to handle what’s sure to be immense pain but Mom told him she’s not delivering in the hospital unless he says it’s medically necessary. So for now he’s prescribing a home healthcare aid to help while she’s on bedrest. Let the insurance telephone game begin!


I’m getting a little cramped in my tiny space and I’m starting to move around a lot more as I try to get comfortable. Mom clocked me at 116 kicks/movements in 4.5 minutes this morning. That more than beats my previous record of 58 kicks in 3.5 minutes from last week! Hi-ya!

Shower Me with Love



Mom’s best gal pal and baby buddy Kim threw us a truly amazing shower! Special thanks to Mom’s friend Marisa of Risa Rocks It ( for helping Kim with all the decorations!

Dad had a little get together too!



Thank you all so much for such a wonderful day! We had an amazing time. 😀