Happy Fifth Anniversary

Mom and Dad are celebrating their fifth anniversary today back at the hotel where they got married. I’m hanging out with Mémère in the next room but I stop into their room for a visit every so often. I think I might be having even more fun than they are!


Guess what? I finally have some teeth popping out! My Aunt Debbie noticed during our Mother’s Day dinner on Sunday. Good luck trying to get me to pose for a toothy picture though! 😀

I’ll Have What She’s Having!

It’s official, I am 100% interested in whatever Mom and Dad are eating. I’m pretty much over those dry puffs they used to toss of the tray of my high chair at dinner time. In fact, whenever Mom is having breakfast or lunch these days, I crawl right over to investigate and give it a try. Turns out this food stuff ain’t bad. It’s not mamma milk, but it’ll do between real meals.