Happy Fifth Anniversary

Mom and Dad are celebrating their fifth anniversary today back at the hotel where they got married. I’m hanging out with Mémère in the next room but I stop into their room for a visit every so often. I think I might be having even more fun than they are!

Going for a Walk

I just love going for walks with Daddy!

We see all kinds of interesting things!

Cradle Crap!

Yikes! I’ve got cradle cap! (Mom always calls it cradle crap!)

Mom and Dad are brushing and combing and washing my hair every day to try to get rid of the scales. My favorite part of the treatment? Getting my hair blow dried after every bath!

Busy Month!

Mom and Dad have had a busy month! In addition to all of Moms appointments and Dads work and school schedule Mom and Dad have been working to get the house ready for me. They’ve been picking up baby furniture, car seats, and other gear and selling off the guest room furniture to turn it into my nursery.

This week they had a bunch of different contractors getting rid of a little bit of mold in their bedroom closet, cleaning, and replacing all the carpet in the house. Poor Mom and Dad (mostly Dad) had to pack up the entire house so that the carpet installers could move all the furniture around! Needless to say Mom and Dad didn’t get a lot of sleep this week. But they sure had a restful morning.

Today we went to our first Hypnobirthing class with their doula Michelle. Dad napped while Mom and Michelle got to know each other and then Michelle walked Mom and Dad through a visualization exercise. Michelle has a really soothing voice and Mom and Dad are both looking forward to her calming effect during my birth.