Diagnosis: Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

The Pubic Symphysis is a small but crucial joint at the very front joining the pubis bones of the left and right sides. It’s a very strong cartilaginous joint (to be precise it is secondary cartilaginous). This joint allows very little movement. Towards the very end of pregnancy and through labor and delivery the relaxin hormone is released which loosens up the joints and allows them to stretch so the baby can be delivered. For some unfortunate women, the relaxin hormone is produced much earlier than needed and this can cause the condition Mom has called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction.

That very strong and tough cartilage joining the pubis bones has loosened up significantly causing my Moms pubis bones to wiggle in and out of their socket with the slightest provocation. It causes Mom a lot of pain. Regular chiropractic treatment helps to relieve some of it temporarily but there isn’t any cure for the condition. Once I’m born, Mom’s body should stop producing relaxin and Mom should be OK. That is, as long as there’s no permanent damage. The likelihood of permanent damage is supposed to be quite low so no one is too worried about it right now.

“A related condition is diastasis symphysis pubis (DSP), in which the gap in the pubic joint widens too far. The average gap between the bones in a non-pregnant woman is between 4mm and 5mm. During pregnancy it’s normal for this gap to widen by 2mm or 3mm. If the gap is 10mm or more, DSP is diagnosed. It’s rare, and can only be identified by X-ray.” http://www.babycentre.co.uk/a546492/pelvic-pain-spd#ixzz2JlYw2lhi

What it all boils down to is that this is a serious condition that will hopefully resolve itself but definitely as to be monitored just in case it becomes a bigger issue. Fingers crossed that Mom is in the majority and has no long-term problems!

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I’m a pretty easy going baby. Aside from that unpleasantness a while back with the upset stomach and fatigue (neither of which were really my fault) I’m not really giving Mom many reminders that I’m here! You know, I’m only about five inches long right now, the size of a turnip according to Mom’s iPhone app. Even though I dance around like crazy, I’m too tiny for Mom to feel other than the occasional swish. So it’s late at night when Mom can’t seem to find a comfortable position to get to sleep that she’s actually reminded that there’s a tiny human being growing inside of her. And that tiny human being is me! Isn’t it just amazing!

Bye Bye Buy Buy Baby :(

Today was Mom and Dad’s third and last appointment with Margaret at Buy Buy Baby. It took four visits and lots of hours but Mom and Dad (and Margaret) looked at all the products and did all the research and they’ve finally finished the registry! Pretty much everything is on the list at Buy Buy Baby although Mom did register for some things at Babies R Us (mostly just when she found lower prices or things she couldn’t find elsewhere). Mom also used the Amazon Universal Registry Button to register for things she found all across the internet on our Amazon registry. It was a ton of work but Mom and Dad are really happy with their choices.

Goodbye Crazy Doctor Lady

Today the crazy D.O. said a scar on Moms eyebrow might be making her butt hurt. She also kept trying to convince Mom and Dad that they should switch to a raw vegetable diet. She insisted that we’d be getting plenty of protein from the vegetables and that anyone who said you can’t get enough protein from a raw vegetable diet was under-educated! Needless to say, the midwife disagreed!

On the way home when Mom was on the phone with the birth center she asked for the number of the chiropractor they recommended. Thankfully Rivera Family Chiropractic accepts walk-ins and Mom and Dad were able to stop in on their way home. The chiropractor also thought that this stuff about migratory pain from scars was a bunch of nonsense. He can’t take x-rays because that would be harmful for me but he thinks regular chiropractic adjustments will help Mom out. At this point Mom is willing to try anything.