Update from the City of Altamonte Springs

Mom has been trying to get to the bottom of the Physician Referral Form issue with the Altamonte Springs Recreation website. Mom called the Westmonte pool during their regularly scheduled hours on Tuesday but the supervisor was gone for the day. The lady that answered said the supervisor would be in the next day. Mom called the next day and was told that the supervisor wasn’t going to be in at all because of a field trip. The lady on the line was trying to be helpful and, after Mom explained the situation, the lady offered to contact the supervisors supervisor (though she said she was unable to give Mom this new persons name). But Mom didn’t receive a call back that afternoon or the next morning so Mom called again yesterday afternoon and finally reached the supervisor.

The supervisor said she had just received a response from her supervisor that morning and the official response was that the form must be signed by an MD or PA (not a nurse as Mom had previously been informed). When Mom asked about DOs the supervisor did not have an answer and instead provided mom with her supervisors name and phone number. Mom called the supervisors’ supervisor immediately and left him a message. For the first time since she began dealing with the folks at the Altamonte Springs Recreation website, Mom actually received a call back the very next day.

The man said that he had been in contact with their Legal and Risk Management departments to get more information and he wanted to give Mom an update. He said that, historically, the staff had been instructed to accept signatures from MDs and PAs only. However, as people seem to be seeing DOs and chiropractors more frequently “these days” it was definitely time to review the policy. He asked Mom to give him a few days to continue working on the issue with the other departments and he would get back to Mom in a few days. So we’re still waiting but at least someone is taking the question seriously now.

Water Aerobics

Mom and her friend really enjoyed the water aerobics class today! Unfortunately, they may not be able to return.

A week ago Mom called and asked for clarification on the required Physician Consent Form. There are lots of different kinds of physicians out there and no where on the Altamonte Springs Recreation website does it offer any specifics as to exactly which medical professionals they accept signatures from. Some definitions of the word physician simply define a physician as “a person who is legally qualified to practice medicine” and, at least in the state of Florida, a licensed midwife is legally qualified to be the sole medical professional for pregnancy concerns. But since the Altamonte Springs Recreation website doesn’t specify who can sign the form, Mom called to make sure a midwives signature would be acceptable. The woman that answered said she wasn’t sure and she would check and call Mom back. At a minimum, she suggested, Mom and her friend should just get the forms signed and show up because they only glance at the form before the class to make sure it’s signed. They don’t actually review the signature until after your first class when they are registering you for your membership. Since Mom never received a call back, Mom and her friend went ahead and had their signed forms with them when they showed up to try the class. After the class when they asked to get registered they ran into some issues.

It turns out that the city requires a doctor or nurse to sign the release form and they won’t accept the signature of our midwife. Mom and her friend don’t understand why the state of Florida says a midwife is the only medical professional that they need to see during their pregnancies but the city of Altamonte Springs disagrees but the lady at registration said that’s the information her supervisor gave her. Apparently Mom needs to call next week and discuss this with the supervisor who is out sick this week…

What’s New in 2013?

Mom and her friend both had their intake appointments at the Inspiration Family Birth Center two weeks ago and it was quite a smooth process. Today was their first appointment and it went wonderfully. All of Mom’s and my numbers lined up exactly where they should be AND the midwife signed off on the release forms letting Mom and her friend sign up for a water aerobics class at the Westmonte therapeutic pool in Altamonte Springs. This is great news for mom because water aerobics seems to be the only exercise that she can comfortably do.